Hockey Goal Horns
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Features include: Team goal horns and songs, create your own goal horn, Live scores, Hockey videos, organ songs, goal light, ringtones, hockey facts, twitter stream of all teams and fans.

EDM Studio
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If you create a quick track, no problem. If you want to create a 7 minute song with dual OSC Syhtns, using your own samples and adding filters and effects, no problem.

Football Radio
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Football Radio is your #1 source for live Pro Football games and podcasts. Listen around the world to your favourite team directly from your iOS device. View live scores during every game.

The Hockey Scoreboard
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Combine the excitement of your hockey game with the technology of iOS devices, together they work hand in hand. The Hockey Scoreboard boasts full Retina support with a clear, beautiful design.

  • Trap Studio released

    Learn more on the Trap Studio website

  • EDM & Dubstep Studio updated

    Both apps are now updated to include snap to grid and various bug fixes

  • New App: Stimul:eye™

    Through subliminal and conscious stimuli, Stimul:eye will help you to improve Visual Processing and other cognitive skills including sustained, selective and divided attention through a simple game. Visit Stimul:eye™ in the app store now.

  • Return of an old favorite

    After a couple of years away, the popular Ghost Cams app returns with an all new design and features. Visit Ghost Cams 2 in the app store